Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why is there sugar in my table salt?

Seriously, is the thought of having sugar in your table salt not just a little weird? I mean, have you even thought there was anything in your salt, other then, oh, salt? I know I didn't! But seriously, take your granulated table salt out of the cupboard and take a look at the ingredients list.

So why is all that stuff in there? What the heck does it do? I still can't over the fact that there is an ingredients list on my salt at all...I always thought it was just salt(well, with some iodine, yum). According to Simon Quellen Field, who wrote "Ingredients";

"Glucose is a sugar (the main sugar in corn syrup), and is added in small amounts (0.04%) to salt to prevent the potassium iodide from breaking down into iodine, which evaporates away (sublimes). Other potassium iodide stabilizers include sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium carbonate, and sodium thiosulfate. "

Check out the rest of that article.

I won't give any advice on whether people allergic/intolerant/sensitive to sugar cane (plant) should avoid salt containing sugar or not, I mean, the glucose could be from a corn source, or it may not be, I am sure further research or contacting manufacturers could get you some answers. If you are still worried, I would say try sea salt or kosher salt.

Don't fear your food, become informed! Food is pretty fascinating stuff :D


Baron Istvan said...

So... if we're talking only glucose, does it really matter anymore if it came from cane sugar or corn? Table salt isn't really a base molecule (not as in acid/base, but as in minimal before talking about elements), but glucose i was under the impression... was?

The Obfuscated Monkey said...

I think the concern for some people seemed to be the source of the sugar because if a substance is derived from a plant you are allergic to, you can apparently still have unpleasant reactions.

Sugar is a funny one, mostly because it is not actually the sugar people are allergic to but the source. Lots of misinformation out there, trying to wade through it all now :s